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The Wedding Series: The Complete Collection (Books 1-9 and Exclusive short story)

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“Love this series ... so many twists and turns that take you all over the world!” – 5-star review

The Wedding Series starts with the stories of three college friends in suburban Chicago embarking on the greatest education of all — falling in love, finding the perfect bride and becoming the happiest grooms around.
Book 1: Paul Monroe, the free spirit
Book 2: Michael Dickinson, the best man
Book 3: Grady Roberts, the last bachelor

In Book 4, The Wedding Series shifts as Paul’s little sister, Judi, leaves her groom at the altar in and runs off to Wyoming.

The series takes another turn in Book 5 as April leaves Illinois, the Roberts family and their circle of friends to strike out on her own in Washington, D.C. She winds up alone for the holidays – and wrapped up in royal intrigue.

In the final books of The Wedding Series, King Jozef of Bariavak continues his search for his long-missing granddaughter, while also facing threats to his country. His royal matchmaking  roils a college basketball community in small-town Wisconsin and upends a Wyoming rancher who finds out he may be destined for a crown instead of cowboy hat.

The Wedding Series
Prelude to a Wedding
Wedding Party
Grady’s Wedding
The Runaway Bride
The Christmas Princess
Hoops (full-length prequel to The Surprise Princess) 
The Surprise Princess 
 Not a Family Man (full-length prequel to The Forgotten Prince)
The Forgotten Prince

EXCLUSIVE -- Not available through any retailers..
Bonus short story: The Soldier’s Kiss (a romantic comedy prequel to The Forgotten Prince)
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