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Not a Family Man audiobook (The Wedding Series, Book 8)

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Narrated by Google Play autonarration voice Mary

When a cowboy gets a city girl boss…

To Wyoming ranch foreman Tucker Gates, the only good owner for the Double Bar X is an absentee one. That's how it had been for 10 years. And now here comes divorcee Jenny Peters. Bringing her two whining, spoiled kids and her city-bred fairy-tale views of life – and love – in Wyoming.

Jenny isn't going to let Tucker scare her away from the new life she wants to build for herself and her kids. No matter that he can be as hard as the mountains around them. No matter that she finds totally unexpected comfort from his rough strength.

But what next? Because Tucker Gates iss a lot of things, but he's absolutely clear that he is not a family man.

Not a Family Man is a full-length novel prequel to The Forgotten Prince, Book 9 in USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn's The Wedding Series. In The Forgotten Prince, Karl Wethers has grown into a strong man who’s had experiences around the world, but most enjoys his Wyoming ranch … and then he’s told he’s heir to a throne.

Praise for Not a Family Man
"This is the kind of book you read more than once just for the nice, warm feeling it leaves with you.” -- Rendezvous

"You don't want to miss this one"..."I felt like I knew the characters and didn't want to say goodbye"..."All around great book!"..."I recommend this book highly."

“Well-fleshed-out characters, true-to-life adventure and sensuous love scenes.

“The story pleases on all levels. The characters grow, change, explore and finally recognize the rightness of their choices. Highly recommend!” - 5-star review

“You won't want to miss this one.” - 5-star review

“The characters seem like people you'd want to be friends with. I recommend the whole series.” - 5-star review

More 5-star praise for The Wedding Series
“McLinn made each character become your friend. You feel as if you are traveling with them on their journey of discovery.”

“These are very enjoyable and astute tales of love with persons imperfect. They have realistic problems of communication, albeit with humor, and satisfying conclusions!”

“This is just a great series to read, learn, love, laugh and cry sad and happy tears and look for more.”

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