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Price of Innocence (The Innocence Trilogy, Book 2)

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She runs a foundation dedicated to forgiveness. He’s a cop running down the guilty to make them pay. If they don’t work together, people will die.

Detective Bel Belichek and his partner arrive at a murder scene in a peaceful, historic section of Fairlington, Virginia, only to realize the victim is the cousin of Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Maggie Frye.

Or is it?

The family tragedy that forever scarred Maggie and her cousins, Jamie and Ally, reaches into the present, threatening to claim more lives if Belichek can’t find this murderer. And to do that he has to shut down emotions he’d thought were gone for good.

Price of Innocence, by USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn, is a sequel to Proof of Innocence that can also be read as a stand-alone. If you love twists and turns, characters who stick with you, and mysteries and romance swirled together, you'll love Price of Innocence. The Innocence Trilogy will conclude with Premise of Innocence.

Praise for Proof of Innocence
"Wow! What a page-turner. I had so many people I suspected of the crimes. This was a great suspense with a touch of romance. The author added several different point-of-views from the characters, which added to the mystery of who-done-it." -- Jutzie, 5-star review

"Really enjoyed this book. A fast-paced legal thriller that keeps the reader guessing from beginning to end, this book is more a whodunit than the touch of comedy found in many of McLinn"s books." -- Lanese Thomas, 5-star review

McLinn's writing is "so atmospheric, so descriptive of people and locale that I could swear I heard the waterfall, leaf-deadened footfalls." ... "A well-paced murder/mystery with a slow-burn romance." ... "Engaging from the beginning [with] many plot twists and plenty of action."

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Innocence Trilogy

“Engrossing.” “You get wrapped up in the stories of these characters and you just want to keep reading all about them and getting to know their complicated and interesting lives.

Three cousins share a past tragedy. Can they stay alive to heal the rifts – between them and inside them?

Love twists and turns, characters who stick with you, and mysteries and romance swirled together? Read The Innocence Trilogy now.