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Jack's Heart audiobook (Wyoming Wildflowers, Book 6)

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AUDIOBOOK narrated by Julia Motyka


Valerie Trimarco is very pregnant, very lost, very alone, and very stuck in a Wyoming snow storm. Her car is jammed in a Wyoming ditch, with contractions coming faster and harder … when her white knight in a cowboy hat arrives. Ranch foreman Jack Ralston’s job is to handle anything that needs handling with cool, quiet competence, including a baby who’s decided to enter the world right now.

A few years later, Valerie returns to the Slash-C Ranch of Knighton, Wyoming. Now a successful mommy blogger, she wants to thank the man who rescued her and delivered her beloved daughter. Okay, maybe she’s wondered about him a time or two over the years. How could she not? So she conspires with his employers and friends to spring a surprise party on him for a proper thank you.

Yes, Jack can handle anything. Except a surprise party. And this open, energetic, talkative woman and her short-stuff kid who gets under his guard. Because they demand the one thing from him that he can’t handle – love. 

- - - - 

Jack’s Heart  brings emotional impact to this romantic comedy addition to Patricia McLinn's Wyoming Wildflowers series. You can find out more about Valerie Trimarco’s story in the prequel, A New World. And A Cowboy Wedding picks up where Jack’s Heart leaves off, with a shindig at the Slash-C Ranch.

Making Christmas (Book 10, Wyoming Wildflowers) is the story of Kiernan McCrea (from A Cowboy Wedding and A New World) and Bexley Farber, mutual friends of the Curricks of Slash-C Ranch. They get caught at a shoddy convenience store in a Wyoming blizzard over Christmas, and join forces to make the holiday a celebration for four kids also stranded there.

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