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Where Love Lives, Paperback Edition (Wyoming Wildflowers, Book 8)

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As Zoe and Matt tussle over how best to use a billionaire’s bequest, a deeper question looms: Will one night from their past stand in the way of a future together?

Six years ago, rodeo cowboy Matt Halderman looked at himself and didn’t like what he saw. Especially not after he ran out on that spunky, wide-eyed student he’d just met. He didn’t run far, falling into conversation with a stranger in the pre-dawn stillness of a Wyoming truck stop. That conversation – along with seed money that mysteriously arrived just when he needed it – turned the course of Matt’s life.

It turns out the stranger isn’t done changing Matt’s life. This time with an inheritance that will allow Matt to go home to do something he’s long dreamed of – rescue rodeo horses at the end of their lives.

Dr. Zoe Parisi hasn’t forgotten Matt or the night he walked out on her. Couldn’t even be called a one-night stand, since the man hadn’t stuck around for the whole night. She lost her head that night, but it’s been squarely back on her shoulders ever since. She's not about to lose her heart. No way. She has far more important things in her head and on her heart. She’s a doctor now, practicing medicine in Knighton, Wyoming, the hometown of her heart.

Now here comes Matt, waltzing into town … looking just as good as ever and with a bunch of money.

Zoe's certain she wants nothing to do with Matt, his good looks, or -- least of all-- talk about a second chance at love. But that money’s a whole different matter. What does he need with this inheritance when he already has so much? She, on the other hand, could put use funds for desperately needed improvements to medical care for all the people around Knighton.

If she can just persuade him to fund the medical program ... without letting old feelings return.

Praise for the Wyoming Wildflowers series:
“Each one was totally different, characters were unique and totally believable!! Enjoy!!!" -- 5-star review

"Smart, stubborn and irresistible." ...“Delightful!” -- 5-star reviews

”Nothing short of heart consuming and thrilling. I've loved every one and feel like I know the people personally. I can't wait for the next installment.” -- 5-star review

"If you’ve been feeling burned out and let down by category romance, the Wyoming Wildflowers series will remind you how much there is to love in the genre." -- Writers Club Romance Group

Wildflowers have to be strong and resilient to bloom amid the rugged western beauty of Wyoming — and so do the women.

Pick all the blooms in the Wyoming Wildflowers series!
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Helping love find a way. Characters from Wyoming Wildflowers, plus the A Place Called Home and Bardville, Wyoming series, and the romantic suspense Ride the River, join forces to bring together people they hope will find love and happiness as they have.
First Date: Divorce
Second Start: Family

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