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FAQs of Buying Direct

In honor of journalist and Caught Dead in Wyoming protagonist Elizabeth Margaret Danniher, these classic questions get to the bottom of buying direct:


Buying direct is purchasing books directly from me, rather than through a retailer. My shop offers all my books, plus additional things not available anywhere else. Buyers can use most credit cards or PayPal.


You, absolutely. And every reader who wants to support authors the best way possible … and get some extras at the same time.


Good follow-up question on the answers to What? And Who? Buying direct cuts out those mostly big “middlemen” between you and me. That means a couple very important things.

--A much higher percentage of what you pay goes to the author of the book you’re buying. That’s because retailers take a substantial cut – generally 35% to 65%. With buying direct, there are still fees charged to the author from service providers, powering this site (PayHip), processing your payment (PayPal or Stripe), delivering the books and support for customers (BookFunnel.) But their combined fees are a smaller percentage. This give me elbow room to offer exclusive discounts to my best readers.

--When you buy from a retailer, they keep that info (unless they sell it.) The author never knows who bought her book, can’t say thank you, can’t ask if you liked it, can’t say, hey, there’s a deal on this other book you might enjoy. Big, fat middlemen sitting there, blocking communication between you and me.

I will treat your information the way I want mine treated. I will never sell or trade or otherwise abuse your information. I will use it to tell you about books and book-related items. Period.


The quick answer is basically the same way you buy from retailers. Just as with a retailer, the first time’s unfamiliar, then it gets easy. 

More details below.


Here, obviously. Look around, lots of books to be seen.


It’s like voting in old Chicago – early and often. Now, for sure. Deals can go quickly. Then come back later, too, to check for the next book in that series you started, to find a new deal, or to discover your next great bingeable series. BTW, you’ll hear about all those things first if you’re part of Patricia’s ReadHeads, getting the free twice-monthly newsletter. Sign up here, if you’re not already a ReadHead.

Just a few more questions . . .

(such an Elizabeth thing to say):

What about security?

Your payment info goes only through either PayPal or Stripe (general credit card purchases.) It is not shared beyond them.

PayPal or Stripe then sends on what you've ordered so we know what to send you and where -- by email for ebooks and audiobooks or shipping address for physical products.


For now, print books are available in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States. This might evolve as more opportunities develop. Delivery times . . . well, we've all heard the phrase "supply chain issues," right?

Refund Policy?

Ebooks and audiobooks are digital downloads and therefore no refunds are given. Please choose carefully and sample before purchasing. There are excerpts available at Some first-in-series books are free, and the audiobooks have sound samples.

If a print book is damaged, do please contact us.

Privacy Policy?

It’s the same as for my website. (I’m still waiting for someone to actually read it and spot the parts the lawyers wrote and the parts I wrote.)



All my material is copyrighted and registered with the Copyright Office. Don’t steal it. If you can't afford books, go to your local library. If they don’t have them, request them. I fully support libraries, making sure all my books are available to them – ebooks and print, many of them are available as audiobooks.

If you download my books from sites that are not mine, not a major retailer, not a library, then you are doing business with pirates. You are supporting these illegal enterprises – perhaps knowingly with your purchase money (none of which goes to the author), certainly with your data. And these illegal enterprises frequently support other criminal enterprises. Oh, yeah, and sometimes they’re just fronts for phishing attacks and you get your identity stolen.

Okay, but how does this buying direct really work? Elves?

Well, sort of. Most of them from BookFunnel.

With eBooks

First, the eBooks at shop/ are compatible with all the eReading devices out there, including phones, tablets, specialized eReaders. No need to be tied to a specific device, the way some retailers insist. This means you can read my books where you want to.

I recommend you check out the FREE BookFunnel app. It can be used on any device and you can eread or listen to an audiobook. Plus, the support is excellent and so very patient.

So what happens when you purchase one of my books? 

--You get a thank you note (my mother taught me well) and will be able to download direct from PayHip.

--You also get an emal from BookFunnel saying you can download the files from them and they’re around to help. If you’re new to this, I highly recommend taking up BookFunnel on this offer.

With Audiobooks

BookFunnel to the rescue again. You can use their app and their tech support will help you on their app or elsewhere.

You’ll also get a thank you note. (Mom voice in my head requires it. You all know that voice, right?)  

Any tricks or tips?

One. When you check out with a coupon code (usually a perk for Patricia's ReadHeads), be sure to look carefully for where to add it. See the pic below.

It's tucked in under your purchase amount.