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Patricia McLinn

Falling for Her

Falling for Her


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 244+ 5-star reviews

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He sees what she hides ... even from herself

Seasons in a Small Town — Autumn

Meet Josh Kincannon, high school principal, single father of three, and thus, as he reminds himself ruefully, essentially celibate back into misty memory and forward into the foreseeable future.

After three months of trying to work with Vanessa Irish via phone and e-mails, Josh believes he has an accurate picture of Zeke-Tech's CFO:

Conscientious? Oh, yeah.

Intelligent? Absolutely.

Agreeable? Not so much.

Even his upbeat approach is challenged by their grumpy-sunshine opposites. But there’s no way to avoid a heavy dose of forced proximity if he wants the best for Drago.

Then he catches sight of her wild, vibrant robe and begins to wonder ... Every time Vanessa goes into her I'm-so-boring-I-disappear-against-white-walls act, he remembers that vibrant, wild fabric hanging on the corner of a door and he gets curious. And the more curious he becomes, the more he discovers about her that has him feeling things a whole lot hotter than curiosity. Things that threaten that celibacy claim, scrape against his high school principal job, and shake up life with his three kids.

Numbers, that's where Vanessa is comfortable. Not all this interaction with people that she's been pitched into. Especially interacting with Josh Kincannon. Why does he insist on drawing her into his town, his life, his family? And the biggest question — what kind of man is this, who not only looks at her, but SEES her, when that's the last thing she wants?

Falling for Her, Book 3 of USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn's “Seasons in a Small Town” series, is a moving, passionate contemporary romance.

(Originally published under the title Principal of Love.)

What readers say about Falling for Her

“It takes a lot for these two to end up together. Josh' s kids play a key role in their understanding each other and bringing them closer.”-5*

This was a great book about getting in touch with your past and moving forward.”-5*

“Good good good. I can't wait for book 4 to be released.”-5*

“A great read. Funny, fresh and a good love story.”-5*

“Sometimes love takes time. Beautiful romance. What an unlikely couple!”-5*

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What readers say about the ‘Seasons in a Small Town’ series:

“A great journey. This series has strong characters and great story lines.”-5*

“Fun, engaging, and emotionally complicated romance." -5*

"You laugh, you angst, you maybe shed a couple tears or two ... and at the end of it you move immediately onto the next book because all you want to do is go back." -5*

"The town of Drago has insinuated itself into my heart and I can only hope there is another installment with this small town as its setting." -5*

"Heartwarming — Absolutely loved it!" -5*

"Passionate and sensual without being distasteful." -5*

“Darn it, Patricia! You’ve written another series I can’t live without!”-5*