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Patricia McLinn

Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning

Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2,379+ 5-star reviews

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What Comes After Love at First Sight?

He's born to ranch. She's Broadway bound.

It's a holiday romance. How could it possibly be more?

"Oh my gosh!...I just can't wait to tell my best friend about it! On to book two!!"

Ed Currick's and Donna Roberts' worlds couldn't be any more different – a rancher from Wyoming and an up-and-coming Broadway musical actress on a national tour. What could have been a momentary encounter in early December sparks desire . . . and more.

Amid the decorated trees, the sparkling lights, the beloved music, and the magic of the holiday season in Denver, they spend as much time together as they can, with Donna’s rehearsal schedule and Ed’s commitments at the livestock shows he’s in town for.

She discovers steady gray eyes can burn.

He discovers she’s the woman he intends to marry.

But can there be anything but heartbreak ahead when they have only these few days in Denver before their dreams pull them apart?

Celebrate this opposites-attract romance between a cowboy and a singer/dancer as they find their hearts' desires.

Get Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning, the much-anticipated beginning of the western romance saga of the Wyoming Wildflowers series by USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn now!

What readers say about Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning

"It's THAT good. This is one of those stories that grabs you by the heart, and has you completely invested. Your emotions are their emotions — when one is hurting, so are you. You'll fall in love with Ed (dreamy rancher — he might be your new book boyfriend!) and Donna (bright and cheery aspiring Broadway dancer) as they fall in love with each other. Pick this one up right now!!" -5*

"Joyful." -5*

"Funny, entertaining, and full of surprises" -5*

" A sweet, insightful, beautifully written, love story. . . . Six stars out of five." -5*

"Tender, romantic, passionate." -5*

"Wow! Loved it so much that I read it twice." -5*

A must read to set the beginning . .. in the wonderful ‘Wyoming Wildflowers’ series, which is a wonderful read!!!! I have read it more than once and will read it again . . . Loved it!”-5*

Seeing how Donna and Ed's story unfolds and what and how they resolve different lifestyles was very enjoyable and sweet. . . . Fast read, because I wanted to find out what would happen next.”-5*

“LOVEDDDDDDDDDDD it. , , , Never read a story written quite like this one. It was really, really good. You will love this cowboy/rancher. I highly recommend.:-5*

“I couldn’t put it down until I finished . . . Can’t wait to read the rest of the stories in the series”-5*

“It made me smile. It made me cry. And, I want to read more.”-5*

What a wonderful and romantic story. I found the characters so lovable and rooted for them throughout the whole story.”-5*

“I absolutely loved this book and you won't be able to stop here. Keep following this family in . . . Almost a Bride (Indian Paintbrush) Match Made in Wyoming (Fireweed), My Heart Remembers (Bur Marigold) . . .”-5*

It makes your heart hurt watching them try to make the most of the short time together. The more time they spend together the more involved they get with each other and the more it's going to hurt when they have to part. Great story”-5*

“A warm, delicious love story!” -5*

“Perfection. Ed and Donna's story was beautiful. To have that instant connection would be something to behold and Patricia nailed it in this book. Simply stunning.”-5*

“Don’t you just love a good love story??!! Absolutely love this story . . . onto the next Patricia McLinn book.” -5*

“What a smashing read!! . . . Tender, passionate, and romantic does it for me.”-5*

“Get ready, you will not want to stop reading once you start. The characters pull you in and you'll have to keep reading to find out what happens next.”-5*

“So sweet! I loved Ed and Donna! . . . It got me hooked from the first page! Read it in one day!”-5*

“Oh my! Two different worlds collide and wow. A sweet love story about finding out what is important in life and going for it. Love at first sight that blossoms. Left me teary-eyed at the end. Can't wait to read the rest of the series”-5*

“Took my breath away!”-5*

“Oh so lovely. . . . I could not put this book down and cannot wait to read more of ‘Wyoming Wildflowers.’ ”-5*

This love at first sight between a cowboy and an unexpected woman laid the foundation for all the love stories that came in the bestselling and award-winning Wyoming Wildflowers saga . . .

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What readers say about the Wyoming Wildflowers series

You will fall in love with the Currick family . . I could read the whole series again, I loved it that much!“-5*

"Love, love, love it! Great series. From Wyoming Wildflowers: The Beginning, which begins 35 years earlier with David's parent's love story, to the final in the series I couldn't put them down." -5* 

"Now here is a series anyone that loves romances will enjoy."-5*

"I also like how Ms. McLinn makes each story of this series stand alone . . . Yet, after reading one, I want another!" -5*

"They are all great. I actually felt as if I knew these people personally. Great read!!" -5*

"I am from Wyoming and this series of books captures the culture of the west. I have read all the series so far and find . . . each one better than the last." -5*

"Another fantastic Wyoming story . . . The more I read this series, the more I really want to see it with my own eyes!" -5*

"A sample of Ms. McLinn's writing will leave you scrambling for all her works. Her books had me laughing one minute, teary-eyed the next and dreading the last page to arrive. She has a rare talent of whisking you into the lives of her characters with such clarity that you feel you are actually there ... and you don't want it to end."-5*

"I read every one of the books in the series and loved every one of them! You are now one of my favorite authors!!!" -5*

"Leave you feeling like the reading experience has taken a short jog through your own life with bits and pieces of recognizable events or emotions. Look forward to more fun and adventure !!!!"-5*

"I would love living in that special group of family and friends!"-5*

"This series just keeps getting better . . . Bring on the next book!" — *5

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