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Patricia McLinn

A Cowboy Wedding Audiobook

A Cowboy Wedding Audiobook


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Read more in this series: Wyoming Wildflowers


A happily-ever-after shindig at the Slash-C.

You are cordially invited to share Jack and Val's* big day with them and the characters you've come to love.

Actually, it will be more like their big week, with lots of goings-on at the Slash-C Ranch and in small-town Knighton, Wyoming. Plus visits from characters from the Bardville, Wyoming, and A Place Called Home series.

Amid Jack and Val's celebration, meet another couple who are guests needing to resolve questions about their relationship ... and Jack's past delivers a shocking guest at the wedding under false pretenses.

It's going to be a huge party – get your invitation now!

*If you missed Jack and Val's story, read it now in Jack's Heart. And for more background on the Massachusetts side of the wedding party, read A New World, the prequel to Jack's Heart.

Then find out where Kiernan McCrea goes from A Cowboy Wedding when he and Bexley Farber, mutual friends of the Curricks of Slash-C, are caught at a shoddy convenience store in a Wyoming blizzard in Making Christmas.

What readers say about A Cowboy Wedding

"What a reunion. Even if you never read the other books you'll love this one. . . Great read. Love all the characters like family!"-5*

"A Cowboy Wedding is great as a standalone, but also beautifully blends all of the family strands that come together to celebrate Valerie and Jack's happy ending and new beginning." -5*

"Loved this book! Was like watching a movie . . . Enjoyed the love of friends and family." -5*

Jack and Val from Jack's Heart tie the knot. Among their guests is Ethan Chalmers and his long-time girlfriend, Paige. Ethan is a planner—I mean a real planner. . . . At the wedding, Paige discovers that life has a way of ignoring plans.”-5*

“Another fantastic read by Patricia. Nice to read about so many of her previous characters from this series. And such a wonderful book. I felt I was also there among the wedding guests enjoying everyone's story once again.”-5*

Wildflowers must be strong and resilient to bloom amid the rugged western beauty of Wyoming - and so do the women.

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Match Made in Wyoming (Fireweed)
My Heart Remembers (Bur Marigold)
A New World
Jack's Heart (Yellow Monkeyflower)
Rodeo Nights
Where Love Lives (Threadleaf Phacelia)
A Cowboy Wedding (Mixed bouquet)
Making Christmas (Pasque Flower) 


What readers say about the Wyoming Wildflowers series

“The Wyoming Wildflowers series is full of joy, sadness, letting go, coming together, love, and the true meaning of family.”-5*

"I have read the whole Wyoming Wildflower series and loved them all. The people are so real. I find at the end of each book the desire to have the book keep going on and on." -5*

"Slash-C ranch is an amazing place- partly because of its location, partly because of the people who get to call it home." -5*

"I am from Wyoming and this series of books captures the culture of the west . . . Each one better than the last." -5*

"This series just keeps getting better . . . Bring on the next book!" -5*

One of my new favorite series! I will reread then all!”-5*

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