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At the Heart's Command

At the Heart's Command


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When a second chance beckons, the heart beats an SOS. 

Colonel John Griffin Jr. is the best kind of military man. He's a good and honorable soldier who's determined to protect Ellyn Sinclair at all costs – especially from himself. Once, he’d rejected a young Ellyn’s advances, because he could not give her the life she deserved. Instead, Grif stood up as best man when Ellyn married his best friend. Then, he became a member of the family, godfather to her children.

But now Ellyn is a widow, back in Far Hills, Wyoming, living on his family's ranch there with her two young children, and having a tough time. And no matter what it costs him, Grif will do his duty – help Ellyn and her children, while ignoring that he has never stopped wanting her.

The Army's sending him back to the western life he knew as a boy, the world of cowboys and cattle on Far Hills Ranch ... . and back to the young love he knew. But how can he even be dreaming of second chances, when they should have no chance at all.

Far Hills Ranch has bound together the Susland family for a century and a half. For just as long, there's been a legend that the ranch and its family are cursed. Now, says the legend, the current generation is the last with a chance to break the curse.

Along with the temptation to turn his relationship with Ellyn from friends to lovers, Grif wrestles with the next element of the family curse. Can this military hero help free Far Hills Ranch?

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Praise for A Place Called Home
"Compelling read. I didn't want to put it down . . . Insight into so many emotions that we all struggle with." --5*

"A story that you cannot put down . . . The ending was so emotional and heart grabbing . . . Now to wipe my tears of joy." --5*

"A wonderful book full of love and trust." --5*

"True love, second chances, and family curses. I look forward to reading the rest of the series," --5*

"Such depth of scene and characters that they come alive right before your eyes." --5*

"If you love emotional stories with complex characters, especially strong heroines and heart-stopping heroes, don't miss this!"--5*

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