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Patricia McLinn

Premise of Innocence

Premise of Innocence


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The last woman Tanner is ready for is the one he must save.

Who is shooting at Allison Northcutt?

Detective Tanner Landis must find out before the next bullet reaches its target. And there's nothing like a complicated history between the two of them to make that more challenging.

Tanner and his Fairlington County, Virginia, partner, Rutherford "Bel" Belichek, have worked many cases brought to trial by their colleague and friend, Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Maggie Frye. He’s never told either of them of his connection to Maggie’s cousin Allison.

He wouldn’t tell them now, either, if it didn’t matter for saving her life.

Ally has sustained more than her share of trauma. She and her two cousins lost their beloved aunt to murder when they were teens and have been bonded ever since. And, for the past four and a half years, she has carried the burden of her police officer husband being shot in the head outside their Maryland home.

He has not recovered and now is near death. Is that the key to who is after Ally? But why now? And is the law enforcement-laden Northcutt family history at the center of this web?  

Premise of Innocence, by USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn, completes The Innocence Trilogy of stand-alone mysteries with romantic elements set in the Washington, D.C., metro area. If you love twists and turns, characters who stick with you, and mysteries and romance swirled together, you'll love Premise of Innocence . . .and the entire trilogy.

Don’t miss any of The Innocence Trilogy

Proof of Innocence: Maggie is drawn back to a small town in the Blue Ridge Mountains to find a possible serial killer — one she might have failed to convict.
Price of Innocence: Belichek risks everything – his friendships, his reputation, his career, his heart, and his life — to solve a murder.


What readers say about Premise of Innocence

“Suspenseful wrap-up to this engrossing trilogy. Plenty of twists and red herrings kept me on the edge of my seat.”-5*

“Worthy Conclusion to the Innocence Trilogy . . . a most enjoyable mystery.” -5*

“I have really enjoyed this series, but I think this book has been my favorite. I'm happy that we got a good ending to the stories of the three cousins, even though I'd be excited to see more tales added to the series.”-5*

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