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Patricia McLinn

The Right Brother Audiobook

The Right Brother Audiobook


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Her ex's brother? No way. Even if . . .

Seasons in a Small Town – Summer

“A great read. The town of Drago has insinuated itself into my heart." — Vine Voice

Pretty, popular Jennifer once seemed to be the girl who had it made. Queen of the prom and everything else in small-town Drago, Illinois.

She always knew appearances could be deceiving.

And then her no-good ex-husband walked out on her and their daughter, leaving behind debt, blame, and doubts. Jennifer rises to the challenge, vowing to show them all that she can make her own way, especially her vulnerable young daughter. But who'd expect a dusty old car dealership might turn out to be her saving grace.

Or will it – and Trent Stenner – be her downfall?

Yes, that Trent Stenner. A former NFL football star turned successful executive now returning to his hometown, who also happens to be her ex's brother. And now he's also seeing value in the dealership that once was a thriving family business. But that's where their plans diverge.

Jennifer's for selling, Trent's for rescuing.

Trent respects Jennifer's whip-smart business approach and admires her single mother parenting of his unsettled niece. But surely he could help out a little as they work together . . . and maybe explore the chemistry between them. Despite family tangles that would challenge an escape artist.

It's that rescuing tendency of his that makes Jennifer uneasy about Trent. She's finding her independence, proving her abilities, and modeling that for her daughter. She's not about to back off from those advances. Even when they're working closely together. Very closely . . .

The Right Brother, Book 2 of USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn's ‘Seasons in a Small Town’ series, will captivate readers who love passionate contemporary romance with a spark of humor.

What readers say about The Right Brother

"This was a thought-provoking book as well as a good story. I'm off to buy the next book in this series!" -5*

“Two lost souls find love and a family. Great book!”-5*

"Outstanding written story which was a page turner. I loved all the twist and turns in the book. It makes you believe even the impossible is truly possible. Book to add to your reading list." -5*

"What a great story about love and a new relationship and starting a new family. Can't wait to read the next book in the series." -5*

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What readers say about the ‘Seasons in a Small Town’ series

“A wonderful series. Sweet, clean, some mystery, some drama. What more do we need?”-5*

"A page turner. I loved all the twist and turns. It makes you believe even the impossible is truly possible. Book to add to your reading list." -5*

"Strong characters with enough faults to make them human and real." -5*

“This is a very good series. Well written, interesting characters and all these books have different stories . . . Some mystery, some drama and a sometimes complicated.”-5*

Found Treasure. . . . digging through my 'to be read pile ' I came across this one. Naturally I dived right in and fell in love with Drago.”-5*

Wonderful characters that I hated to leave behind. Can't wait to read McLinn's next book in her Seasons in a Small Town series!”-5*

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