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Patricia McLinn

The Wedding Series Box Set 3

The Wedding Series Box Set 3


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Coaches, and a Matchmaking King

USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn's acclaimed The Wedding Series continues with King Jozef of Bariavak's search for his long-missing granddaughter leading to Ashton, Wisconsin, and the athletic offices of Ashton University.

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Book 6, Hoops


Carolyn Trent's logically mapped journey to becoming the perfect professor of English was hijacked the day she became academic adviser to the Ashton University men's basketball team. The hijacker was C.J. Draper, the team's infuriating, irreverent and sexy new coach.

C.J. has never let adversity stop him - if he had he'd never have gotten this far. He's not about to start by letting Professor Trent derail him. If he chose to rattle her ivory tower it was just for the fun of seeing the fiery woman beneath the marble-cool exterior . . . wasn't it?

When logic clashes with ambition in the game of love, will anyone win?

Book 7, The Surprise Princess

A Princess? No Way. Katie is a perfectly ordinary young woman living a perfectly ordinary life in small-town Wisconsin ... isn't she?

The most interesting thing about her is that she works for the men's basketball office at Ashton University. If she considers the biggest perk of the job being around Brad Spencer that also makes her ordinary, because what woman wouldn't feel that way? So these people coming around saying she could be the long-lost granddaughter of the King of Bariavak have to be wrong ... don't they?

Brad once played on Ashton's basketball team during a very special season. Now he's an assistant coach to C.J. . . . with a real soft spot for Katie.

She stirs his protectiveness, his penchant for the underdog, and, possibly, certain other reactions he's not about to indulge. So he's going to do his damnedest to make sure Katie gets all that she deserves, including the crown that might be her right ... even though it means Her Royal Highness will never again look at a basketball coach from Wisconsin like he's the king of her heart.

Or could there be some royal matchmaking going on? Maybe with assists from a head coach and a professor?

What readers say about this boxed set:

"Love this series! It takes you from home to all over the world! ... It's great the way these books intertwine with characters from other books in this series but still give you a story that can be a stand-alone." -5*

"Fast-paced and funny but soulful and deep. The romance has your heart racing .... Just right. That's what I thought of Hoops." -5*

[Hoops] "Refreshingly different ... Strong characterizations and perceptive insights leave a lasting impression." — Romantic Times

What readers say about The Wedding Series:

"A wonderful series that will make you laugh and cry. Each page is filled with love that will eventually come to the people who so need it. A must read!" -5* 

"Perfect. The characters were multi-dimensional and played off each other in warm, thoughtful, loving ways. Each couple faced a different situation and overcame their obstacles together and with the insightful comments of their friends. ... Heart-warming." -5*

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Box Sets

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The Wedding Series Box Set Three (Hoops and The Surprise Princess, Books 6-7)
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