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Patricia McLinn

Where Love Lives Audiobook

Where Love Lives Audiobook


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One night that changed them both forever.

As Zoe and Matt tussle over how best to use a billionaire's bequest, a deeper question looms: Will one night from their past stand in the way of a future together?

Six years ago, rodeo cowboy Matt Halderman looked at himself and didn't like what he saw. Especially not after he ran out on that spunky, wide-eyed student he'd just met. He didn't run far, falling into conversation with a stranger in the pre-dawn stillness of a Wyoming diner. That conversation – along with seed money that mysteriously arrived when he needed it – turned the course of Matt's life.

The stranger isn't done changing Matt's life. This time with an inheritance.

Dr. Zoe Parisi hasn't forgotten Matt or the night he walked out on her. Couldn't even be called a one-night stand, since the man hadn't stuck around that long.

She lost her head that night, but it's been squarely back on her shoulders ever since. She's not about to lose her heart. She has far more important things in her head and on her heart. She's a doctor now in Knighton, Wyoming.

She will not let his unexpected homecoming to their small town, no matter what their circle of friends say, divert her from her goals.

Zoe wants nothing to do with Matt, his good looks, or — least of all— talk about a second chance at love. But that money's a whole different matter. If she can persuade him to fund a medical program ... without letting old feelings return. 

What readers say about Where Love Lives

"Sometimes, life and dreams can turn in a second — or in a night."-5*

"You will find everything there — humor, sadness, love, anger, reading how people work through things in their lives for the better. They are great reading."-5*

"Their courtship dance, which only they fail to recognize for what it is, is a pleasure to watch. How they gradually work thorough the hurts and assumptions of the past is real and moving."-5*

Love - Love - Love this story.-5*”

"Great relatable characters in a wonderful series of folks you get to know and enjoy. 5 stars +" -5*

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Wildflowers must be strong and resilient to bloom amid the rugged western beauty of Wyoming - and so do the women.

What readers say about the Wyoming Wildflowers series

"The people are so real. I find at the end of each book the desire to have the book keep going on and on."-5* 

"Have read this whole series and have found them delightful and entertaining."-5*

"I am from Wyoming and this series of books captures the culture of the west. . . . Each one better than the last."-5*

I can't wait for the next. I love all the characters in the series”-5*

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