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Patricia McLinn

Not a Family Man

Not a Family Man


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 104+ 5-star reviews

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When a cowboy gets a city girl boss ...

To Wyoming ranch foreman Tucker Gates, the only good owner for the Double Bar X is an absentee one. That's how it had been for 10 years. And now here comes divorcee Jenny Peters. Bringing her two whining, spoiled kids and her city-bred fairy-tale views of life – and love – to his corner of Wyoming.

The ranch isn’t big enough for the two of them much less the house they’re sharing.

Jenny isn't going to let grumpy cowboy Tucker dim her sunshine or scare her away from the new life she needs to build for her kids and her new role as a single mother. No matter that he can be as hard as the mountains around them. No matter that she finds totally unexpected comfort from his rough strength.

But what next? Because Tucker Gates is a lot of things, but he's absolutely clear that he is not a family man.

What readers say about Not a Family Man

This book pulled me in and held me tight! I felt like I knew these characters and clear didn't want to say goodbye when the story ended. Patricia McLinn has a gift for creating 'page turners' even though I'm never ready to turn to that last page.”-5*

"This is the kind of book you read more than once just for the nice, warm feeling it leaves with you." — Rendezvous

"You don't want to miss this one.” -5*

"I felt like I knew the characters and didn't want to say goodbye." -5*

"All around great book! . . . Patricia writes her characters so well that you feel like you are right there with them.” -5*

"The story flowed and wrapped me in a cocoon of comfort." -5*

"The story pleases on all levels. The characters grow, change, explore and finally recognize the rightness of their choices. Highly recommend!" - 5*

"The characters seem like people you'd want to be friends with. I recommend the whole series." - 5*

“Patricia has done it again with this book.”-5*

“Great story! It pulls on your heart. . . . Very uplifting!”-5*

“Wonderful! This story pits a crusty cowboy against a socialite who has escaped a stifling marriage and wants a better life for her children. The story pleases on all levels. The characters grow, change, explore and finally recognize the rightness of their choices. Highly recommend!”-5*

I love Patricia's Wyoming books. I haven't read one that was not Wonderful. This book is no exception. The story line and the characters are great and you do not want to put down the book. You won't want to miss this one.”-5*

“I know I am going to find a great Read in Patricia McLinn’s books and this was no exception. Tucker and Jenny were such likeable characters and a strong storyline made this an extremely enjoyable and entertaining story which I loved.”-5*

~ ~ ~
In Not a Family Man, you meet Karl Wethers as a young ranch hand . . . before he’s grown into a strong man who's had experiences around the world, but most enjoys his Wyoming ranch ... and then he's told he's heir to a throne in The Forgotten Prince,
~ ~ ~

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What readers say about The Wedding Series

"A wonderful series that will make you laugh and cry. Each page is filled with love that will eventually come to the people who so need it. A must read!" -5*

"Love this series! It takes you from home to all over the world!" -5*

"Perfect. The characters were multi-dimensional . . .warm, thoughtful, loving ... Heart-warming." -5*

"Full of warmth, understanding of human nature, and great characters . . . By the time you are finished, you feel as if you are a part of their extended circle." -5*

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The books keep improving with related, but separate romance plots. The characters seem like people you'd want to be friends with. I recommend the whole series.”-5*

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