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Patricia McLinn

Cross Talk

Cross Talk


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 620+ 5-star reviews

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Prime Suspect: The most annoying man in Sherman, Wyoming

That's right, Thurston Fine, the egotistical anchor at KWMT-TV is the first person deputies want to talk to when his self-described biggest fan is found dead.

What's Elizabeth Margaret Danniher to do when murder comes close to home – her second home that is, the newsroom? The station's in an uproar, heading for a train wreck, and desperately needs her experience and leadership. At the same time, there's an intriguing puzzle right in front of her ... which might free or condemn her greatest enemy.

In TV news, cross talk between the anchor and reporter is supposed to elicit new and interesting information. But Thurston's version twists the tale into a corkscrew. And his simmering resentment could bring danger to Elizabeth.

Facing a true test of their resilience, Elizabeth's crew – Diana, Jennifer, Mike, Tom, and even Shadow – must resolve mysteries swirling around KWMT-TV for years. But will that reveal what's behind the death of Thurston's biggest – only? – fan?

Even amid the mayhem, the complex yearnings among the trio of more-than-friends of Mike, Tom, and Elizabeth take important steps toward resolution. The stage is nearly set.

Family, friends, enemies mix with a dose of a historical scam in a case of Cross Talk.

Come sleuth along with Elizabeth in the fan favorite Caught Dead in Wyoming series of smart, surprising, fast-paced, cozy mysteries with humor. If you like quirky characters, hints of romance, and twists you won't see coming, then you'll love USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn's page-turner.

What readers say about CROSS TALK:

All the questions that have lingered in the background of the first ten books plus the back story are now answered in a mad rush of evidence and rumor. A very satisfying read”-5*

“Brilliant! Cross Talk is a superb addition to the Caught Dead in Wyoming murder mystery series. I loved it! Elizabeth (E.M. Danniher, TV reporter and murder sleuth extraordinaire), suspects that a young woman’s suicide might not have been a suicide. A-a-nd, she’s off to investigate with the help of her loyal friends.”-5*

“The writing is outstanding with subtle clues, natural dialogue, completely real characters, a tiny touch of romance (I’m firmly on Team Tom, by the way) and an engaging, compelling story.”-5*

“Another page-turner from Patricia . . . I thought I knew who the killer was, then I switched again, then was surprised.”-5*

“Intelligent and fun. . . . clever, a bit shocking, and satisfying — answered some puzzling questions.”-5*

Oh, why do I have to wait 11 months to read the next book in the series? I devoured Cross Talk in one day and have read and reread all the books in the series. The characters are so human, so witty, and so brilliant. There are no slow spots in any of the books. I was breathless as the reveal at the end of the story unfolded.”-5*

“Once again Patricia McMinn has put out a wonderful book in the latest installation of the ‘Caught Dead in Wyoming’ series. The only thing bad about the book is I finished it too fast because I couldn't put it down.”-5*

“Best ever.”-5*

“A murder. Relatives. Blackmail. Investigation. Arrest. Firing and a quit.”-5*

Wonderful read..”-5*

“Change is fast approaching the news station. Twists and turns galore, all whilst kind of hoping that Thurston Fine is guilty of the murder.”-5*

“Best so far. Wonderfully witty and thoroughly entertaining. From Molotov Bread baskets to gun blank issues to blackmail and murder this is such a page turner and it ends with the best possible cliffhanger!”-5*

Another great trip to Sherman!!! Wow...I never guess the end and am always on the edge of my seat...and already cannot wait for the next book!”-5*

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What readers are saying about the Caught Dead in Wyoming series:

“If you like mysteries and smart articulate people who can also collaborate this is a great series. If you can look at a small town as a pressure cooker . . . this is also for you. Finally, while this does let you escape into another world, it does so in a thoughtful and sometimes hilarious way. And we can all use that.”-5*

I want more and more of these characters.”-5*

Having worked in radio, TV, and newspapers, I recognize a lot of familiar things (and always learn something new). Patricia McLinn is an outstanding writer about people, Wyoming, television, and murder. Don’t miss the series!”-5*

"Love the characters. Fun read. Can't wait for the next book! Read the series. You won't be disappointed."-5*

"Humor and a touch of romance, but mostly a great suspense story that usually keeps me guessing until the end."-5* 

"Totally enjoyable. Great fun read."-5*

“Characters who have become old friends over this series. There’s a well-balanced amount of humour, mystery, and an added touch of angst for good measure.”-5*

"A great series where character matters as much as plot, and wit and affection run thru."-5*

Never think you know what or who!”-5*

“I love the Wyoming country. I have never been there but these books create a place in my mind where I can smell the air and get lost in Cottonwood County. So much so that I don't want this series to end.”-5*

Cannot wait for the next installment of Caught Dead in Wyoming.”-5*

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Oops. Some reviewers are concerned that the Caught Dead in Wyoming mystery series is ending. It isn’t!

What I did promise, is that Air Ready (Book 12) would answer the Tom or Mike/Mike or Tom question.

After Air Ready comes Cue Up – and more beyond . . . depending on people dying in mysterious circumstances in Cottonwood County, Wyoming, Elizabeth & Company's penchant for investigating, and you all – the readers!

Happy reading!
Patricia McLinn

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