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Patricia McLinn

Air Ready Audiobook

Air Ready Audiobook


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7+ 5-star reviews

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Love and death decisions

Will murder take a break while Elizabeth Margaret Danniher sorts the future of KWMT-TV and her personal life?

Don't count on it.

A young woman comes to Elizabeth at KWMT wanting her help to solve a kind of theft Elizabeth has never encountered before. That's challenge enough, with the TV station for sale and the top candidate to buy it known for eliminating news departments. But Elizabeth also senses there something more bothering Hailey Newhall.

And then there's Elizabeth's personal life ...

Beyond her dog Shadow, it gets complicated.

She is drawn to both enigmatic rancher Thomas Burrell and her former KWMT-TV colleague Mike Paycik, the home-town sports hero. But Mike has career aspirations of his own, and Tom has a feisty daughter who's definitely Team Dad. Meanwhile, Elizabeth's ace videographer, Diana Stendahl, who manages to juggle her demanding job, parenting two teens, and new love, challenges Elizabeth to also open her heart.

Where will her heart lead her?

Team Tom? Team Mike? You're finally going to find out the answer ... and so is Elizabeth.

Air Ready, Book 12 of the Caught Dead in Wyoming series, is a smart, surprising, fast-paced cozy mystery with humor. If you like quirky characters, hints of romance and twists you won't see coming, then you'll love USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn's page-turner.

What reader are saying about AIR READY

“The best yet. If you have followed the series up to this book then you are in for a real treat. If you have not read all the books, go back right now and start with the first one. In Air Ready, we are reunited with the gang of amateur detectives/friends/ co-workers that we have come to love. The murder investigation they take on is a page tuner that will keep you up late reading . . . There are several mysteries to be solved here, making the storyline all the more interesting. Book 12 is just the best, such a satisfying read. And, as always, finishing a CDIW story only makes me want another new one to read right away. So glad I found this series.”-5*

“Another fabulous story, telling of friendship, love, and let's not forget, murder.”-5* 

*Chef’s kiss*…yes, that good. Air Ready is the book that took all the little strings and tied them up into a big beautiful bow with a promise of a whole of more. “-5*

“Wonderful continuation of a strong, fulfilling series. Love the characters old and new and the fascinating mystery that kept me wondering through twists, turns, and dead ends. HIGHLY recommend!”-5*

“Excellent! I love how this story unfolds. So many things happen in this story you just can't stop reading until the end!”-5*

“Long awaited, but very satisfying read.”-5*

“All you need to know, this is a great book. Brilliant characters and E.M Danniher picked the right man. If you want to know who, buy the book. Loved it and can’t wait for the next book”-5*

“We get to read the story we've been waiting for, that is Elizabeth gets her forever dream man. And very satisfying it is, I must say. Also, the TV station is bought, so job descriptions might change but stress in the newsroom decreases a bit. And last, but not least, crime needs to be exposed and solved and the KWMT team are up to the challenge. I just love this series”-5*

“Best book ever! “-5*

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What readers are saying about Caught Dead in Wyoming:

What an enjoyable journey it’s been reading this series! The characters are so easy to get know and like. Even the sheriffs of Cottonwood County!”-5*

“Patricia McLinn has the ability to weave fiction with facts so that I manage to learn something new in every book. I can’t wait for the next one!”-5*

Every one of the books in this series just keeps getting better! Patricia McLinn’s ‘Caught Dead in Wyoming’ series is an outstanding read that builds on the ones before it.”-5*

“The ‘Caught Dead in Wyoming’ series is one of my all-time favorites . . . My recommendation is start with the first book and read all twelve. You won't be disappointed.”-5*

“Can’t wait for the next book!!”-5*

“Top notch. Read this series and become as captivated with these characters as I am. You will not be disappointed. Waiting with bated breath for Book 13.”-5*

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Air Ready

Book drug on too long. Too much history, rather than plot. Did not like choice made between Tom and Mike.

Joni B. Sturtz
The Native American Art Lesson

Elizabeth Margaret Danaher and Thomas Burrell finally becoming a real couple and a family with Tamantha.

karen helgesen
personal news and professional news

Mike is the owner of the television station. Tom is becoming more important in Elizabeth's life. Horse tails being chopped off and of course a murder or two. Just the normal life for the residents of Sherman. Good read ties up a lot of loose ends.

Consistent Quality

Composition, characters, story line believability, and interest catching twists are top quality in each new adventure for the crew at KWMT, friends & families.
I’d prefer a less “little girl” sounding voice for Elizabeth, especially, and other females.

5 stars

Great book with well established characters and an entertaining plot. I look forward to the next book.