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Patricia McLinn

Body Brace Audiobook

Body Brace Audiobook


⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 34+ 5-star reviews

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Everything can change ... except murder.

In TV news, a body brace is used to steady the camera and distribute the weight of the camera. This produces smoother shots while reducing stress on the operator – especially important with small-town Wyoming TV station KWMT’s older and bulkier cameras.

Almost as old as some of the equipment used in a historical reenactment of a Nineteenth Century events that Elizabeth covers when anchor Thurston Fine declares it beneath his dignity.

The participants prepare to recreate a conflict . . . but no one expects a modern body, much less a second one. And you can guess how happy the Cottonwood County Sheriff’s Department is that Elizabeth finds one of those bodies.

After upheavals in Elizabeth's professional and personal life in Wyoming, not to mention those of her closest friends, she has some recalculating to do. With her former KWMT colleague Mike now at a Chicago TV station and tech whiz Jennifer also in the city on a visit, Elizabeth's investigation relies on a widening team of fellow sleuths.

Especially with rancher Tom Burrell and the usually forthcoming Mrs. Parens — two of the town's most solid citizens — keeping their distance. Temporary or permanent?

At least Elizabeth’s rescue dog Shadow is unchanged . . . isn’t he?

 . . . When there's rumbling underfoot, a body brace helps keep what's important in focus.

Body Brace, Book 10 of the Caught Dead in Wyoming series, is a smart, surprising, fast-paced mystery with humor. If you like quirky characters, hints of romance and twists you won't see coming, then you'll love USA Today bestselling author Patricia McLinn's page-turner.

What readers are saying about BODY BRACE:

Great story, well thought out, cleverly penned. A page turner!”-5*

“Wow! Another intriguing Caught Dead In Wyoming Series mystery! While covering the Cottonwood County Miner's Camp Fight (Re-Enactment) with Diana, boss camera-person, for KWMT-TV, E.M. is first to find a dead body while being on the scene of yet another dead body’s discovery! With not just one but two murders to solve . . . our favorite reporter has her work cut out for her! A most satisfying read and happily recommended!!!”-5*

I found myself constantly changing my mind about who did it . . . This is the best one yet.”-5*

Another great offering from the ‘Caught Dead’ series.. . . I always look forward to the next book in this series & this one did not disappoint!”-5*

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What readers say about the Caught Dead in Wyoming series:

These books always make me think . . . I'm always left curious and wanting more. Not because of cliffhangers, but because I care about the characters and how they make me look at myself. In that vein I am going back to the beginning and rereading the series. It won't cover the year until the next book, but I can try.”-5*

”Characters just make me feel good after reading one of her books.”-5* 

I love it when I get more than I paid for! That is always the case with Patricia McLinn's Caught Dead in Wyoming series. . . . The mystery is well plotted, the characters are well developed and the dialogue is intelligent with an ample helping of McLinn's signature wit. I order these books as soon as I'm able — they really are that good.”-5*

Another sitting on the edge of your chair story. Outstanding story as expected. Ms. McLinn's ‘Caught Dead in Wyoming’ books keep me from putting the book down until it's finished.”-5*

You can't go wrong if you spend your time reading this series. McLinn does a masterful job of weaving all the various aspects of a murder mystery along with descriptions of life in small town Wyoming, the impact that both older and younger residents have on each other, and some romance (not enough IMHO).”-5*

Even as I finish one book, I'm already eagerly looking forward to the next.”-5*

Customer Reviews

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Amazon User
Great series

I have enjoyed all 10 books and look forward to more. I think Betsy Moore does a great job as narrator.

Dana hardin
Good characters

The narrator really makes this series a winner. Good plot, great characters and a dog too!


Body Brace is an entertaining cozy mystery with an interesting plot and engaging characters. I look forward to the next book in this series.